Introducing WebApp V2

The brand new WebApp is live, pairing seamlessly with our industry-leading mobile technology to allow you to reach and engage with your fans wherever they’re online. This major update brings with it: Desktop notifications Instant live video alerts Greater access to your audience A mobile experience, built for the web […]

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How to build your fanbase from your followers

Social media platforms help build your followers, but how do you know the difference between your followers and your real fans? It can be difficult to navigate and costly when trying to reach fans through social media and it seems the benefits are mostly for the benefit of the platforms […]

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Zoom Integration now live

Our integration with Zoom is now live, giving artists the opportunity to broadcast streams from multiple sources via our platform/app. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen unprecedented demand for live video broadcasts. This integration means our customers can make use of one of the best conference call solutions on […]

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How To Monetize a Podcast

Whether you’ve got your podcast on the major platforms or not you should be thinking about how to monetize a podcast and how to retain control of your rights. Our platform gives you a way to monetize as well as retain control. It’s Your Platform. We build you your very […]

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Your Own Social Media Platform

Now that the majority of us are stuck at home, we’re perhaps more reliant than ever on our devices for entertainment and we’re certainly not stuck for choice. In fact, it’s hard to know what content to engage with.The One World: Together At Home event saw rock n roll royalty […]

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How To Build Fan Engagement The Easy Way

Fan Engagement Isn’t Rocket Science Understanding Followers vs Fans “It’s not rocket science, it’s about a genuine relationship between an artist and a fan” Here’s an interesting figure to open with 89% of GigRev powered artist app users feel more connected to the artist on thissubscription-based platform than on any […]

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Is TikTok For Artists? – What you need to know

Is TikTok For Artists? – What you need to know Is TikTok for artists or just another influencer platform? TikTok’s platform is great for influencers and reaches a teenage audience, but what if you’re an artist on TikTok? For those who are new to TikTok, it’s a fast-paced video sharing […]

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Alternative to Facebook Groups

alternative to facebook groups

Bring your fans together into your own group with your own personalised fan engagement platform FanCircles provides an alternative to Facebook groups. Facebook groups allow your fans to talk together but wouldn’t it be better to bring your fans in your own safe space? 100% reach without paying Facebook ad […]

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12 Social Media Trends For 2020

1. The death of the “like” button on Instagram. It’s no secret that brands (and even regular users) often fixate on “likes,” comments and followers on social media as a measure of popularity and brand recognition. But this obsession is having a negative impact on our mental health and can […]

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Organic Reach in Social Media Marketing is DEAD!

Organic reach in social media marketing is dead following the latest updates of Facebook algorithms. All of those followers you gathered over the years, all of those posts you now make and all of the exposure FB once got you is now worth next to nothing. Did you know that […]

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We've re branded

GigRev is now FanCircles