How To Monetize a Podcast

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Whether you’ve got your podcast on the major platforms or not you should be thinking about how to monetize a podcast and how to retain control of your rights. Our platform gives you a way to monetize as well as retain control.

It’s Your Platform.

We build you your very own IOS and Android platform to allow you to build your podcast directly. This way you reach all of your fans without filters and the noise you find on podcast distribution platforms.

No Middle Men

Because this is your platform and distributed in the App Stores of Apple and Google Play you keep control and have a home for your podcast.

With a FanCircles powered platform you can build your podcast brand with no restrictions. Our platform is designed for all artists with all of the tools you need to share not only your podcast but also build a community within the social features of the app. Fans can also get involved via the Podcast Fan Wall and upload comments, photos and video.

You can decide which Podcasts are free for listeners and which ones carry subscription fee.

Live broadcasting is also a key way to interact with fans

A regular broadcast to your viewer and listeners can give them a connection with you and your brand and can be used for;

  • Behind the scenes footage
  • Q&A with fans
  • Special extras
  • Chat with the Authors.

Posting to your Home Wall lets you share news, photos and video to tease new material and upcoming podcasts as well as running competitions, incentives and fun stuff.

Audio & Video Podcasts

You can exclusively window your Podcast in your platform before releasing it later on other networks. This way you have the best possibility of monetizing. Think of it as a cinema release. First to Cinema, then “DVD” then TV. Your app brings you the cinema release, which allows you to earn from your generous fans.

Kevin Brown
Author: Kevin Brown

Kevin, the CEO of FanCircles, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in both the tech and music industries. He has managed arena-level artists and founded Affiliate Window (, which he successfully exited in 2012 after its acquisition by Axel Springer. Recognizing the needs of artists and labels to connect directly with fans, he embarked on the journey of establishing FanCircles.

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