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NFT Community Platforms

Building sustainable NFT communities isn’t as easy as it first appears. That’s where FanCircles NFT community platforms come in.
Discord is the default platform for community of NFT projects but why has it become the default destination for NFT collections? Let’s take a closer look.

Why do NFT communities use Discord?

Discord began life as a gamer platform and is mostly used by 14 to 28 year olds. Discord was built for gamers, by gamers. The same demographic is shared by the web3 developers we see coming through today as some of the most innovative and inventive people in the NFT space. However, it hasn’t totally won over the hearts and minds of NFT holders. The reason for the mass adoption of Discord for NFT projects is simple; it allowed API integration with wallet validation tools. is one such platform that allows NFTs to be validated and channels opened based on confirmation of ownership.

Why don’t NFT communities use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Although social media platforms are used to promote NFT projects they are used to push users to the project’s Discord, in order to allow for privileged roles, some only accessible to holders. On a technical level, this is a great solution, but Discord wasn’t built for everyone. It’s confusing to use and there’s a learning curve for new users. Considering NFT holders are of all ages and are used to the format of posts and comments that social networks provide, there must be better options, right?

FanCircles is the VIP alternative to Discord

A FanCircles is a perfect platform to accommodate not only NFT holders but project followers too. The FanCircles platform has been built for ease of use and to enable both holders and non-holders access to content in a familiar format. It has “social walls” for both NFT Project owners and mods and community walls for both holders and non-holders. But that’s not all, the platform is designed to fulfil a multitude of media formats from video to audio. Think of a FanCircles like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube and Instagram all in one single white-labelled mobile app and web app.

A FanCircles Server is your own branded community platform

With your own FanCircles, you have a community for everyone, with community at the heart of it. Users can download your branded app under your NFT project name from both Apple and Google app stores as well as use your custom web app at a domain dedicated to your brand.


Use your FanCircles as your primary community platform, or as your first roadmap benefit

Your FanCircles is the perfect destination for users, and with the VIP experience it gives your holders and non-holders, it is the essential roadmap item for every project. Every project is different, so some projects will benefit from using Discord at first whereas other projects can use FanCircles as the primary platform. It all depends on your community.

Know Your Users With One Of our Branded FanCircles NFT Community Platforms

With FanCircles your platform gives you access to direct communication with every platform user. On entry, each user goes through a simple signup procedure that also means you don’t have to worry about GDPR or privacy compliance. In fact, you’ll have access to each user, giving you the perfect solution to gated merchandise drops, event ticket access and much more.

Book a Zoom with us for even more information on the exciting features of our platforms that keep your community safe and secure and in an environment you control.

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