Organic Reach in Social Media Marketing is DEAD!

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Organic reach in social media marketing is dead following the latest updates of Facebook algorithms. All of those followers you gathered over the years, all of those posts you now make and all of the exposure FB once got you is now worth next to nothing.

Did you know that only 11 million people follow Apple, yet 63 million follow Adele?

Hard to swallow but very true. The problem with Facebook is that is was never really built for artists. Think about a Facebook page for a moment. Pages are set up for Organisations, Businesses, Products or Services. For businesses, it works well because only customers or potential customers follow pages. They follow because they either have your product or are thinking of buying it.

For artists, it’s a little different. Fans follow to keep track of what you’re doing and most never go on to buy your music, tickets or merch. Did you know that only 11 million people follow Apple, yet 63 million follow Adele? Yea, crazy

And that’s where the problem lies. Adele is doing quite nicely but she’s not earning 6 times more than one of the biggest companies in the world!

So how can an artist reach their fans when the cost of “Boosting” a post simply doesn’t yield a high enough return?

I want to tell you there is an answer to this but there isn’t. Reaching 1 million fans can cost as much as $10,000. And what are you Boosting? Your video? Your link to Spotify? Maybe your latest album or merch? If you’re not doing this and your label is. Imagine how much of your budget is being wasted on marketing to followers and not fans. It simply just doesn’t get a high enough ROI!

Organic reach is now so poor that many posts only reach .1% of your followers.

Of course, you have a choice to pay Facebook each and every time you want to reach more but why should you? They’re your fans. You bought them to FB.
The problem with mainstream social platforms like FB, Instagram and Twitter is they are primarily advertising platforms with your posts mixed in to make it feel friendly.

With a FanCircles powered fan platform, you reach 100% of your fans because there is no advertising.

There is no incentive for us to block your posts. We want you to reach your fan base because when your fans can talk to you and other fans you can grow your community and foster a great relationship with the fans that matter. These are the fans that care and will grow you as an artist.

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