We’re Here To Serve True Talent.

We know your audience and how to grow fandom. For everything from music artists to cult TV shows and movies we can help navigate and maximise every opportunity.

Our mission is to build fandom and genuine fans (not followers) for artists. We don’t manage your social media channels but instead work with and advise you how best to drive fans to a destination that builds on your success and grows a lasting fanbase of dedicated fans who will support you and your career well in to the future.


For established artists in the new world of social media and streaming music we’ll show you how the industry has changed less than what you might think and how trends you see in the music industry press might not be as powerful as they first appear, which ones to go with and which to ignore. We’ll guide you though the hype and show you have to generate real money instead of endlessly feeding tech company’s with content for them to profit from your work and give you little in return. Remember, there’s a big different between content creators and true talent. We’re here to serve talent not content creators.

There’s a lot of decisions made in the entertainment industry based purely on being “cool”. Although we understand creating the image around the artist is essential to building and maintaining a brand we think very closely about every aspect of the brand image, the fans and most importantly how to reach fans that have the potential to buy tickets, merch and support the artist long term.


For artists with established social media accounts we help convert these to something more tangible so you’re not constantly fighting for a few likes and spending more time being a social media marketeer than an artist.

We Don’t care about just being cool. We care about results.