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An individually branded fan engagement platform which is powered by FanCircles’s fan social solution, allows artists and personalities to bypass mainstream social sites. FanCircles allows artists to deliver a far closer relationship and interactive fan experience with multiple options for communicating.

“We set out to deliver a social platform that works equally well for small and large artists and media personalities, but doesn’t cost more time and effort by adding yet another social network to update” says CEO and Founder Kevin Brown.

“We’ve taken all the best bits of social media platforms and combined that with giving the artist or personality a direct connection to their fans. Artists can market to their fans directly – not just pay to boost posts or relying on paid tweets. Where is the sense in leaving third parties with this vital data and not having access to it yourself?”

This ‘digital fan club’ takes the form of a free to use and individually branded platform for web, iPhone, Android and Apple TV, which provides artists and personalities with their own exclusive communication channel for their videos, music, chat, tutorials/demonstrations and a comprehensive gig listings system which works with almost every ticket agent in the world. Fans register within the artist/personality branded app to use it freely. Compelling artist generated content drives the conversion from free app user to fully-fledged digital fan club member.

FanCircles has already built a range of customised apps for a plethora of high-profile names across the music, beauty, fitness/wellness and lifestyle sectors which are poised for imminent launch. “It’s exciting to have a platform that puts the artist first. Every artist or personality has their own app powered by GigRev.  It’s not about marketing GigRev, it’s about marketing the talent. Without them we don’t have a business.” – says CEO Kevin Brown

Using the FanCircles platform for social interaction has mutual benefits for both artist and fan. Driving fans into the app enables artists/personalities to capture fan contact details, increase meaningful and measurable engagement, establish a loyal fan-base and convert fans into active app users. The invaluable ‘Fan Data’ analysis collated by GigRev can then be used to market additional relevant benefits to fans such as; access to pre-sale tickets, exclusive content, new material, merchandise, VIP fan experiences and archived media. In return, the fan is provided with a direct and more transparent gateway to their favourite artists and personalities with ‘up close and personal’ content, resulting in a far more valuable experience.

FanCircles’ cutting edge technology gives artists and personalities a multitude of channels to reach their audience with a white label social network made for artists and celebrities. As well as posting exclusive news, comments, tour dates and official videos, artists and personalities are able to live broadcast directly to their fans, which opens up exciting prospects such as intimate backstage Q&A’s, full live concerts, acoustic sessions/teasers and interactive experiences such as tutorials/demonstrations and training sessions. Imagine cooking along live with your favourite chef, joining in with a workout or watching a beauty tutorial, all of which will be archived and stored within the app. Parteon and Onlyfans do it for their respective clients. FanCircles does this for music artists, podcasters and even TV shows.

The platform generates both revenue and first party data collection through a combination of free and premium content. Artists are even able to target their core audience at a gig and allow them to pay for merchandise via the platform. As we can report on which fans attended the gig, artists can also promote relevant products and media content to them afterwards. We offer personalities flexible e-commerce solutions for in-app promotion and purchasing of their products.

FanCircles was founded in 2015 with one simple objective; to give artists and personalities the artist to fan tools to build a loyal fanbase, increase meaningful interaction and generate revenue from digital content without sacrificing control. The FanCircles team have extensive experience in digital technology, as well as managing international artists at arena level. A high-profile panel of advisors from across the entertainment industry are also involved along with CEO Kevin Brown.

As Kevin Brown explains; “This combined experience has been invaluable in the evolution of FanCircles and has given us great insights from all sides of the industry. We’re only too aware of the frustrations felt by artists and management when it comes to the sharing and crucially the monetising of digital content. Fortunately, we have the team, knowledge, experience and tools needed to massively help artists. FanCircles will firmly put control back in the hands of the artist by providing them with a brand new, totally transparent and measurable private social media channel with multiple revenue stream options”.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Kevin Brown, please contact us.

Kevin Brown
Author: Kevin Brown

Kevin, the CEO of FanCircles, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in both the tech and music industries. He has managed arena-level artists and founded Affiliate Window (, which he successfully exited in 2012 after its acquisition by Axel Springer. Recognizing the needs of artists and labels to connect directly with fans, he embarked on the journey of establishing FanCircles.

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