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September 20

Multiple Subscription Levels

Multiple Subscription Levels

Along with your digital-only fan subscriptions, we can now bundle albums, merchandise and much more.

July 20

Launched FAN.DIRECT Store

fan direct fan experiences

FAN.DIRECT store is the fan front end to our platform allowing artists to sell merchandise as well as Gift Box’s and Gift Codes for subscriptions to fan club apps.

May 22

Increased Capacity

Added new servers in the US and Europe to scale to over 3 million concurrent users per platform and improve live streaming around the world.

February 28

Brand New Registration Process increases Premium subscribers

Brand new subscription pages have increased Premium membership by over 10% whilst also increasing free memberships.

October 8

Web App v2 Launched

Web App v2 Launched

After extensive testing, we have launched a major upgrade to our web app. The key functionality includes Desktop Notifications for all major browsers. Now you’ll get notified when there’s a live broadcast from only your favourite artist on your Desktop as well as your Mobile device.

October 8

Re-Branded To FanCircles

Re-Branded To FanCircles

We’ve just rebranded our core site to FanCircles (We used to be called GigRev)
This rebrand goes along with some major network improvements and features. We’re also working with more than the music industry with clients such as YouTubers, Comedians, Heath & Fitness celebs and more.

June 29

Wallet and Tipping

Ability to tip artists with gifts during live broadcasting

April 20

Custom Menu Naming

Added the ability to change the names of menu items within the app. For example, Music can become Podcasts or Fan Wall can be become Forum. This feature also allows for a base language other than English.

April 13

Stream Capacity Increase

To cope with the demand for live video broadcasts we have added additional servers and increased the length of any single broadcast to up to 4 hours allowing for full concerts and DJ sets etc.

March 9


Our platform is built on a strong backbone and understanding of uptimes and scalability. We’ve separated our database layer from the API layer and increased speeds by over 180%