By FanCircles

What if you could have your own white label social media App?

Social networks have been the gatekeepers of fan data for too long now. So we decided to change that when we began GigRev (Now called FanCircles) almost 2 years go by building a white label social media app.

“Go up against the big social networks?“, I hear you say.
Yes, we are, and we can do it because the brand of an artist is as big as the social platform they are on (at least to their fans it is). Our platform, which is available as a mobile app and TV app allows artists from bands to any celebrity, to take back the control of data they lost when they handed their fans over to mainstream social networks. The very networks charging them to reach their own fans.

Our platform is a white label social media network app with the features of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Spotify. The key difference is when the app is installed the fan registers their details and the data is accessible to them.

White label social media

So how do you get users to download an app that does the same as other social networks out there?
Well, if you are an artist you have the perfect fan base. Your social followers. A ready-made audience ready to capture. It doesn’t take a lot to convince fans to register in your own app. All you have to do is upload exclusive video content to your app then Tweet and Facebook out to your Likes about your app, and your core fan base will install it.

Then, and only then do you own the fan relationship.

So, that’s what we are doing to help artists – Giving back that control with an artist branded app that can be used like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Spotify to put the artist back in control of their fan base.


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