Sell Your Merchandise & exclusive fan experiences in our merchandise store.

Build your bespoke experience store for merch and special and unique subscription items. 

With a FAN.DIRECT store you can sell merch, music and tickets, meet and greets, exclusive items and more from a unified marketplace. 

fan direct fan experiences

Our experience store lets you take merchandise to a new level.

Selling merchandise is one of the key revenue drivers for artists if done right. With our platform you’ll get the latest technology to build your store and include everything from t-shirts to meet and greet packages. It’s also the place fans can buy fan club subscription gift boxes and gift cards.

Simply connect your Stripe and PayPal  accounts and all revenues will be sent directly to you.

In conjunction with your fan app we look after every aspect of your store. We can also run your store without a fan app. Just get in touch.

What you can sell

In conjunction with your fan app we’ll help you maximise your merchandise sales.

With your fans in your own fan platform, marketing becomes a breeze. There’s no algorithms to beat and you reach 100% of your fans 100% of the time. Selling to fans now doesn’t cost you advertising bucks.

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