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Reach your followers and fans through your own fan club platform built for music artists, TV, movies and celebrities and designed to grow & generate revenue and fandom. Fan clubs are truly back.
Be in complete control of your own community and marketing network including the tools you need to interact and build a community that engages fans and generates revenue. Sell more albums, tickets and merchandise.

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It All Begins With Your Own Direct Domain Name.

Designed to build fandom and revenue

Grow Your Fan Network

Why build your home on other platforms when you can build your own fan club platform? Build a platform that you control, then simply let your fans know where they can find your most important content. Your fans will go where you are right?

Broadcast To Your Page

Share your live broadcast link on your socials and fans will be notified when you go live each and every time. Fans don't need to be registered to view but can't comment or interact until registered.

Sell Tickets and Merchandise & More

Our fan club platforms provide you with your own marketing network allowing you to generate more sales of your albums, tickets and merchandise as well as generate Premium subscriber revenue.

Wallet & Rewards

Fans can load their wallet with cash and also earn points for interactions they make, keeping the community alive and giving you the ability to reward your most loyal fans.

Fan Exclusive Offers

We'll run your meet and greet packages, exclusive signed merch, one off and unique collectables and more giving access to fans in your community app either exclusively or before available anywhere else.

Free platform for all fans with Subscription options.

Let all your fans in: Premium and Free - They all have tremendous value.
With your own platform you not only have a place for building community but a marketing suite strong enough to cultivate super fans and grow your fandom.

Stream Your Own Music

Why put your latest album or podcast on other platforms where you'll be paid next to nothing when you can release it directly to fans? Digitally releasing your music puts you back in control and generates a lot more than streaming platforms.

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Fan Club Apps Give Fans A Community To Return to Time & Time Again.

With your own fully branded fan club platform on Web, IOS and Android fans will have the ultimate fan experience. Fans get a slick interface to chat, share, update video and photos and build community. 

Not only that but it’s also your mobile interface to Go Live, Post and share while you’re on the go.

With your own platform you get to say who see what. And when it comes to merch and ticket sales, there’s no algorithms to bust to get to you fans. The fan club is back, and you are in control.

Our client apps are in app stores. 

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Instant Push Notifications

Push notifications are the core of our communication tools. These are used to push live broadcasts just before going live, tour dates and album launches as well as personal notifications between fans.

Instantly Delivered From Your Brand to Desktop & Mobile,
giving unparalleled reach.

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Fan Club Platforms - Done Right!

Your Own App In Every App Store.