Audio Streaming Platform

The Audio Streaming Platform That lets you stream your music & podcasts direct to fans.

FanCircles empowers you with a seamless audio streaming player, both on mobile and web, ensuring your audio reaches your fans directly, and your brand resonates in every note, word, and melody.

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Audio Streaming Platform Features

Direct HD MP3 Streaming

Unlock a lucrative revenue stream by uploading MP3s directly to your FanCircles powered app. Unlike major streaming platforms, streaming directly through your app allows you to reap substantial financial benefits while providing exclusive or early access content to your fans, whether it's available for free or as part of a Premium fan subscription.

A Fan-Driven Model

In a FanCircles powered app, fans aren’t just purchasing access; they’re providing support directly to their favorite creators and artists. By offering exclusive or early access to your audio content, you're not only monetizing but also strengthening the bond with your community.

Stream Your Demos

Your FanCircles app is the perfect place to share demos, live recordings, and behind-the-scenes audio that may not find a home on mainstream platforms. Give fans a peek into your creative process and share exclusive content that brings them closer to your artistic journey.

Choose To Charge Per Track Or Enable For Free

With the flexibility to offer content for free or as part of a Premium subscription, you control how your audio is accessed. Whether it’s exclusive tracks for dedicated supporters or free content to entice new listeners, the choice is yours.

Exclusive First-Listens with Windowed Release

Create a buzz and foster exclusivity by employing a windowing strategy for your new releases. Offer your dedicated fans an exclusive first listen to your new tracks directly in the app before releasing them on mainstream streaming platforms, ensuring they always feel valued and special.

Stream From Major Streaming Platforms

For fans who utilize major streaming platforms, provide direct links to your content, ensuring they can access your music their way. While this content can't be made Premium, it ensures all fans, regardless of their preferred platform, have easy access to your creations.

Share Live Recordings

Bring the magic of live performances to your fans, wherever they are. Share live recordings directly through your app, allowing fans to relive their favorite concert moments or experience shows they might have missed, all while generating additional revenue for you.

Build and Reward Loyalty

Utilize your audio content to build and reward fan loyalty by offering exclusive releases, special recordings, and surprise drops. This not only keeps your existing fanbase engaged but also attracts new listeners who seek a deeper connection with their favorite artists and creators.

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Elevating Creator-Fan Connections with Strategic Audio Streaming

A FanCircles powered app amplifies this connection by offering a dual-faceted streaming approach: direct MP3 uploads and links to major streaming platforms. Creators can harness the power of direct streaming to maximize revenue, provide exclusive content, and offer a more intimate glimpse into their artistic process with demos and live recordings. Simultaneously, linking to established streaming platforms ensures fans have the flexibility to engage with content in a manner that suits them. This strategic use of audio streaming not only enhances the fan experience by providing varied and exclusive content but also establishes a sustainable revenue stream and deeper engagement for creators, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

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