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Live Video Broadcast Direct To Fans

Live video broadcast directly from your iPhone, OBS Studio, or any RTMP system, creating a bridge between your creative moments and your community. Engage, entertain, and monetize, all while maintaining control and delivering exclusive, immersive experiences that connect with your fan community.

Live Video Broadcast Direct To Fans

Live Video Broadcast Features

Direct Broadcasting

Broadcast high-quality live video directly from an array of platforms including iPhone, OBS Studio, Zoom, or any RTMP video system, offering flexibility and ease in sharing chats, behind the scenes footage and much more.

Versatile Viewing Experience

The platform allows fans to watch live video streams in either landscape or portrait mode, ensuring a comfortable and user-friendly viewing experience on any device.

Replay and Re-engage

Live video broadcast streams can be posted to the Announcement Wall after the live session, allowing fans who missed the broadcast to watch it at their convenience, ensuring content longevity and continued engagement.

Acknowledge Premium Fans

While interacting through comments during live sessions, creators can see whether a fan is a free or Premium user, allowing to tailor responses and acknowledgments, enhancing fan relations and appreciation.

Fan Interaction During Broadcasts

Fans can actively participate during live broadcasts by posting comments, enabling real-time interaction and engagement between the creator and their audience, making each session lively and interactive.

Access Control

Post-broadcast, videos are stored on our servers and creators have the autonomy to set access levels as Premium or Free, strategically managing content accessibility and monetization.

HD Video Streams

FanCircles prioritizes delivering high-quality video streaming, ensuring that fans enjoy a clear and professional viewing experience, maintaining engagement and providing value.

Special Moments Shared Directly

Share exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes footage, intimate Q&A sessions, or special performances, directly with their fan community, fostering a closer connection and providing unique experiences that fans can’t find elsewhere.

Live Video Broadcast Neuro Placid Artist

Grow Fan Loyalty with Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming within FanCircles powered apps unfolds a realm of opportunities for creators and artists to foster a deeper, more interactive relationship with their fanbase. These features not only allow the broadcasting of high-quality, immersive content directly from various platforms but also ensures that fans can engage in real-time through comments, enhancing the live experience. With the ability to set access levels, offer replays, and provide exclusive, intimate moments directly to fans, creators can strategically utilize live video streaming to amplify fan engagement, monetize content effectively, and build a community that thrives on exclusive, shared experiences. This dynamic interaction, coupled with the flexibility and quality offered by FanCircles, positions live video streaming as an invaluable tool in a creator’s toolkit for community building and content sharing.

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