Increase loyalty and revenue through our fan engagement platform.

Our industry leading fan engagement platform increases customer retention by facilitating communication with your customers through a slick, consumer friendly desktop and mobile destination designed to foster two way communication and loyalty.

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Live streams, video, podcasts, master classes, and fan discussion make the perfect two way fan platform come alive.

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Two way commincation with customers not only builds brand loyalty but encourages discussion and interaction from your customers in a controlled environment. Think of it as your own private social platform without the complications of advertising algorithms, clutter and restrictions on reach. With your own white labelled platform your message reaches all of your customers.

Finding the right way to connect with your loyal customers makes them feel part of your journey.

Comminication through email provides a one way message for your customers. With a two way commincation and loyally platform your customers become fans and your content become discussion.

We've re branded

GigRev is now FanCircles