Why is everyone talking about Fan Apps?

Engage & Monetise Free Fans

Building a community of fans you have 100% access to brings some big advantages of social media platforms. With your own Fancirles powered marketing platform you'll generate revenues from all users, free or Premium. In fact on average every user generates over $60 per year.

Earn Subscription Revenue

Our suite of tools are designed to convert subscribers to Premium subscribers at every stage of the process. With content driven by you and windowed exclusively to Premium users you have everything at your fingertips to offer subscription perks and grow your subscription revenues.

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Engaging Your Fans

Fans expect a lot from engagement tech. It’s simply not enough to build a static site with static content when the alternatives are social networks with two way communication.

Engaging your fans has been increasingly difficult over social media due to the algorithms they use to limit reach without paying for expensive ads to target your own followers.

Reach All Your Fans

Reaching all of your fans is critical. With our fan platform you have complete control over the reach to your audience without having to use advertising retargeting. 100% reach is default.

Notifications allow you to communicate directly to fans at the touch of a button. With average 78.6% open rates of notifications, email shots just can’t compete. 

Generate Revenue

It's easy to grow Your Premium Subscriber base

Build your subscription based fan platform to give all fans a great experience and Premium paid fans even more.
We’ve been working with brands to launch fan engagement platforms for a number of years and have experience with small organisations through to music artists, personalities, YouTube stars and Podcasters.

We’d like to share our knowledge and show you how you can build your fan engagement, interactions and revenue.

give Premium Fans Exclusive Content

Premium content is not only digital content like live broadcasts, posts, videos and audio. Your Premium members can also get much more including;

at a glance

Key Reasons To Use Your Own Platform.

WIth our unique set of tools you’ll have everything at your finger tips to communicate with your fans via posts, video, photos, live streams, fan wall, merchandise and ticket linking and user profiles.

Our web app and mobile apps all have the same features to allow seamless engagement on both desktop and both iPhone and Android phones.

Fans Prefer Over Social Networks
Fans Feel More Connected
 Fans Identify Platform As A Safe Space
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Tailor Made Engagement

Community Marketing Platform For Your Fans.

Our platform is designed to fit your brand. You choose the subdomain as well as the colours, artwork, app icon and other images.

This customisation gives your platform a distinct look and feel and with a multitude of features you can plug in, you’ll have the perfect set up for you to increase your revenue from fans.

Let us show you how even free users build your revenue and brand.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

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Community & Marketing Platform - All In One.

Be your own marketing and community platform and avoid the limitations of reaching your followers.

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Sell More Album, Tickets & Merchandise.

Even fan on your platform can earn you revenue. It's not only Premium fans that count here. Free users also generate $60-$80 per year.

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Subscription Revenue

Charge your users for access to exclusive Premium content. You choose what's free and Premium. We take care of the rest.

Boost Your Engagement & Generate Recurring Revenues from both free and paid users

We can have you up and running in days.

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