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Your Direct-to-Fan Platform

Why use a direct-to-fan platform?

Your Direct-to-Fan Platform

Reach all your fans

You shouldn't have to pay social media platforms to reach your own fans. With your own artist engagement platform, you can reach 100% of your fans 100% of the time.

Notifications are the new email

As well as 100% reach within your fan platform, your fans get notified of new content to keep bringing them back into it. Notifications get much higher open-rates than traditional email marketing.

Your brand, Your platform

It's your app so it should look like your very own platform. We work behind the scenes to ensure your fans are happy.

Fan clubs gather your super fans together and give them an experience they deserve. With a direct to fan platform customised for you, you can take control of your super fans again.

You probably already have fans on your Facebook and Twitter pages but do you really know who these fans are? More importantly, how can you reach them without paying to advertise your post to them?

All the major social networks use algorithms to limit your reach unless you pay for advertising. We don’t think this is fair, so we give you 100% reach.

We have changed how you work with social platforms by building private social media channels for artists.

Become Your Own Social Fan Engagement Platform

Our fan engagement platform does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use.

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