iphone in portrait position and macbook pro over a flat background mockup a12314 1 1024x768 1 Your fan community platform

Your fan community platform

Communities are essential to building connections with your fans

Your fan community platform

Build your fan community

Build your own network, where the relationship with your fan is direct. You can communicate to your fan base when you want and without paying each and every time

The complete fan package

Our apps are built on both technical experience and music industry knowledge. We know what artists and fans need to build a meaningful relationship

Just for fans

Being part of your community is more than just a ‘like’: your fans feel special and artists can communicate with the people who matter most

Fan communities or fan community platforms gather your fans together in one place and allow you to create a connection you just can’t get through social networks. We provide a complete solution for running your fan community platform, from the collection of emails through to providing unique ways for you to pre-sell CDs, Vinyl, and digital streams.g element.


With our platform, you can run a monthly or yearly subscription app that allows you to nurture a close relationship with the fans that matter, not just the followers who give you Likes.


Your biggest fans are happy to support your career for exclusive access to what’s important to them: you.


An engaged and growing fanbase not only contributes to cashflow through subscriptions, but can help sell more music and merch, all via the most comprehensive mobile app and white-label platform available to the music industry.

Become Your Own fan community Engagement Platform

Our fan community platform does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use.