Channel Sales Partner Program

Interested in a joint venture with us? We’re looking for partners with high levels of influence in different areas of not only music but TV, movies and corporate. As a partner of FanCircles we want to build long term relationships that not only allow FanCircles to build on its current success but also put you in the driving seat. Of course, we are always on hand with our world-class development team and client support to provide you with the backbone on which to build.

Become the expert in your field

Our platform is the best in the business. With over $3 million of inventment so far we have built a platform that is resilient and future proof.

New features all of the time

Customer feedback is what drives the platform. We're always interested in new ways to interact via the platform and with regular software updates and features we intend to be always ahead of the curve.

We've re branded

GigRev is now FanCircles