Stream NFT gated music, audio and build fandom.

NFT Music Experience Apps

FanCircles provides the experience behind the NFT with white-label artist-branded experience apps for labels and artists to deliver a best-in-class fan experience while keeping the NFT chart compliant.

The NFT is the key to an experience; FanCircles provides the experience behind the NFT with white-label artist-branded experience apps for labels and artists to deliver gated albums, videos and fan experiences while keeping the NFT chart compliant. Each artist-branded platform provides data collection and fan content with additional token-gated features and content offered by independently issued NFT.

With a host of features that can be switched on or off, including fan engagement channels, music streaming playback, video on demand (VOD), announcements and 100% reach and abilities to fulfil utility and benefits from ticket sales & merchandise and NFT airdrops.

We work in tandem with your NFT minting platform to provide the end-user experience.

Music Experience Apps For NFT Holders

Stream Music & Video

Streaming audio & video players with granular token gated control. Your NFT is the key, the app includes the streaming experience fans are already familiar with.


Get your message to your fans and NFT Holders with your announcement wall. Share important updates, video, photos and much more.

Live Stream Events

Live stream directly to your NFT Holders via mobile or desktop apps that let them know you mean business.

POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol)

Add GEO fenced areas and drop NFTs to users wallets. The possibilities are endless with mobile native apps as you have full access to the phone's technology.

Token Gate Rooms

Make your NFT holder feel extra special by configuring token gated rooms for everyone or just for token holders.

Validate Holders With Over 100 Wallet Integrations

With our integrated NFT Holder validator you can be sure your app is exclusively available to your current holders. If holders sell they are kicked from their VIP access.

Collect NFT Holder Contact Details

Want to airdrop merch to your holders or validate their identity for events, meetups and more? You'll have this data at your fingertips.

Build Your Army Of Marketers

With your own NFT holder app you'll be able to harness the power of your army of holders and make them your marketing team. Need to get a message to your social followers? Your army are on call to get you trending.

Community for Everyone - Not Just Holders

Provide your NFT Holders with an amazing premium experience without the complexity and learning curve of platforms like Discord.

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Onboard Web 2.0 Users To A Web 2.5 Platform With Web 3.0 Features

Welcome NFT Holders to An Artist Branded Experience That Everyone Can Understand.

With an Artist or Label branded NFT holders platform on Web, IOS and Android your project holders will have a Premium experience while creating the perfect environment for non-holders. Every feature can be locked for holders only or available to all. Give your fans every opportunity to see the benefits of buying your Artist NFT.

With your own NFT branded app, your NFT opens the door to a great fan experience. And when it comes to merch and demographics of your fans, we’ve got you covered.

Our client apps are in app stores. 

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Music NFT media Player and Community Apps - Done Right!

Artist or Label Branded App In Every App Store.

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