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Iowa-based rock quartet SAUL — brothers Blake Bedsaul [lead vocals] and Zach Bedsaul [lead guitar, backup vocals], William McIlravy [bass, backup vocals], and Myles Clayborne [drums] — have just shared the video for the new single “Looking to Fight,” which spins a tale of internal struggle. Watch it here.
Blake Bedsaul pulls back the curtain on the deeper meaning behind the song, saying, “‘Looking to Fight’ is a moment of introspection. Ask yourself this: Am I the hero or the villain in any given situation? After a long hard look into how I was dealing with my emotions, I realized that I was the villain of my own story. But don’t just apologize. Take responsibility for your actions and own up to them. Make the change to be someone to fight for — not against.” “Looking to Fight” is taken from Saul’s debut full-length Rise As Equals, out now. The album has already garnered 16 million streams and counting since its Fall 2020 release. The band also enjoyed its best-performing active rock radio song to date with “King of Misery.”

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