Is TikTok For Artists? – What you need to know

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Is TikTok For Artists? – What you need to know

Is TikTok for artists or just another influencer platform?

TikTok’s platform is great for influencers and reaches a teenage audience, but what if you’re an artist on TikTok? For those who are new to TikTok, it’s a fast-paced video sharing platform that’s a blend of elements from Snapchat Instagram and Twitch in one single network. Video creators can share vertical, looping videos between 15 and 60 seconds with effects, filters and music, to take part in challenges and share funny videos with their friends. So if TikTok is for artists what extra reach is it giving when it’s highly likely that anyone with TikTok already uses Instagram.

TikTok also lets you tip an influencer through gifts during live video broadcasting.

This is where your own GigRev platform can help you grow your income as well as your audience in a friendly controlled fan environment. Unlike other platforms, the GigRev platform is linked to a mobile and desktop app. This app we build for you, with your brand embedded right to the core. You’ll be able to earn gifts from live streams and fans are also able to collect Kodus points. GigRev was build with artists in mind.

Are these users interested in your brand or the TikTok brand?

When it comes to branding it’s important to remember that your artist’s brand is the core reason fans follow. With a growing number of ad-based social media platforms suffering from hate-speak (We back the #StopHateForProfit campaign) should you associate your brand with this?

TikTok is designed to attract predominantly 16-25 year old’s, Gen Z

TikTok is designed to attract predominantly 16-25 year old’s, Gen Z, However, there are some conflicting statistics out there that make it unclear if the real audience matches their target. One thing we can be sure of, TikTok are pulling out all the stops to grow their artist side but with a rebellion against big social media platforms and the fact that TikTok is Chinese owned, there are certain issues that need to be thought through before committing. For artists, TikTok offers reach but no route to convert viewers into fans.

So, is TikTok for artists?

With the fragmentation of social media, there’s a very clear case that TikTok is not for artists and instead yet another channel to reach followers that are not that interested in becoming fans but are instead passive listeners. Let’s face it; if you have TikTok installed you already have Instagram installed.

With a GigRev powered app you have all of the revenue-generating tools to hand that artists need and fans will feel much more connected to you. This breeds trust and loyalty to your artist’s brand and many unique ways you can interact and make fans feel that little bit more special. You can read more about some of our network stats here.

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